Thailand part 3 – island hopping

The second island during my island hopping was PhiPhi. This island is one of the most popular islands in Thailand! That means lots of tourists! Which is something I wanted to avoid, but whatever, it is on my list! LETSΒ΄S DO IT! DAY 1 I arrived from the Koh Lanta by boat. after arrival, I... Continue Reading →


Moscow is one of the most important cities in the World! It is full of history and memories, but also full of different tastes!! πŸ™‚ First thing I HAVE to mention is Visa. If you travel to Russia, you need to get Visa. Well, to lots of countries you need a Visa, why it should... Continue Reading →


Another place I have decided to visit! This time I went north to Norway, specifically Stavanger. And because flight ticket was cheap and I have friends there, I said, why not? I always wanted to visit Norway so why not start on the south?? You never heard about Stavanger before? Neither have I. πŸ˜€ And... Continue Reading →


Another breathtaking trip I did was a trip to Porto. I went to visit my friend who was there on Erasmus and got enchanted by this beautiful city. Firstly, if you travel from the Czech Republic like me, there is no direct flight with acceptable price. So I and my friend had to take flight... Continue Reading →

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