Moscow is one of the most important cities in the World! It is full of history and memories, but also full of different tastes!! 🙂 First thing I HAVE to mention is Visa. If you travel to Russia, you need to get Visa. Well, to lots of countries you need a Visa, why it should be a problem? It is not. But it´s bit expensive when you trying to travel the low-cost style.

The reason why I finally went to Moscow was my best friend who did there study exchange program. This was even more awesome because I didn’t really have to worried about program or communication (yes I cannot say a beep in Russian and can’t read anything in Cyrillic)! So my first visit to Moscow was focused on basic touristic places 🙂 with something extra! I went there during Easter! maybe you know or not but there is a difference between the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches. They celebrate Easter in different dates because the Orthodox church uses the older Julian calendar. Despite the difference in dates, there are still quite some similarities between Eastern Orthodox and Catholic Easter customs. For example the decoration of eggs. But there are many differences as well! Considering different meals or church ceremonies. And I had a chance to participate and see such a ceremony.


Was the day I have arrived! So we went to the city centre to see the majesty of the city, as well as a sneak, peek of some places we wanted to visit! From the first moment, I was amazed!! The weather was terribly cold but I loved everything around!! We walked around, had coffee and see some of the city centre. We manage to see Lubyanka Building (former KGB headquarters) Bolshoi theatre, statue of St Vladimir (which is incredibly HUGE lol) or Kremlin! Only walking around is pretty amazing! Highly recoment to walk around the city when it´s dark – lights of shopping mall Gum or lighten Kremlin and Red square is amazing! Deffo on the MUST DO list 😉

MUST DO! Had my first borsch in My My (“Moo Moo”) perfect budget friendly restaurant with very good food! Just perfect start of the trip ❤


In the morning we went out for amazing bannana coffee!! With this baby the day is immediately amazing!! After that we headed toward the Kremlin, place where the president of Russia is and where all “big” decisions are made. See this was my dream all my childhood, to see Kremlin, that place from the painting of my grandparents!! And finally, I was there!!! Things MUST SEE in Kremlin: several churches – Church of the Twelve Apostles, Church of the Deposition, Church of Our Lady´s Nativity or Church of the Praise; along with these there are two cathedrals – Cathedral of the Dormition and Cathedral of the Annunciation. And finally TsarCannon and TsarBell (kolokol). Admission is 200 – 300 RUB, depends what you wanna see.

The second part of the day I have visited the state University – Lomonosov Moscow State University, uni, where my grandad studied. I got in only because of my frieds and even then I have to prove myself with passport and could stay only a limited time. Nevermid. This was another place on my MUST SEE in Moscow list!




For the third day, my friend planned a trip to Tsaritsyno. There is a huge park which is obviously better during warmer weather haha. Anyway, there is a castle worth to visit!! Beautiful interior and lots of history! For the afternoon we went to see another beautiful place – Kolomenskoye. We took a nice walk around the river Moscow and visited a church, entry was for free. By the end of the day, we went for a nice meal in Georgian restaurant Vaime Cafe and tried Khachapuri. 


On the fourth day, we catch the rest what I didn´t see already. And it was a shopping market – Izmailovsky Market for all matryoshka presents for all my friends haha!! In this market you can find anything you want. It is kinda flea market so there are vintage stuff as well as brand new. You will find there cool LPs for good price and other stuff. And Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, believe or not this cathedral was constructed in 2000. Original cathedral was built in 19th century but it was destroyed in 1931 on the order of Stalin. The demolition was supposed to make way for a colossal Palace of the Soviets. But that never had finished. The current church was rebuilt between years 1995 and 2000. The admission is free.

By the evening we went to Flacon. This place is deigned on an old crystal factory site and you will find there lots of shops & café, workshops or studios. It is amazing place to hang out and enjoy perfect atmosphere 🙂 Also what I would like to point out is beauty of subway stations! It is like walking to theatre or museums all over again! So beautiful!!! For example Ploschad Revolyutsii.

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