The idea of starting to write this blog was keeping memories from my travels. Yes, I love to travel!! I used to keep my memories old school way. Yes believe it or not, but I was using a notebook!!! But then I needed something more. Someplace where I can express my experience and memories. Someplace where I can combine my favourite things (writing and photographing). Someplace where I can look back when I will be 80 years old. This will be some kind of my dear diary, but not completely.

This blog is about my dreams which became true. This will include all my little adventures.  I would like to share them with you and hopefully, it could help you, inspire you or just amuse you 🙂 I understand that there are thousands and thousands of blogs like this. So I decided to add something else. Travel is my passion but I have another passion. and that is cooking!! ❤ So I will share with you my favourite recipes which are somehow connected with my travelling experience.

This blog is not supposed to be guiding, it should be more inspiring. Giving tips how to travel alone, what to see, where save some money and where see something interesting. So let’s do this!!! ❤



By the way, you can find me on Instagram as Martik_24 😉

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