Another place I have decided to visit! This time I went north to Norway, specifically Stavanger. And because flight ticket was cheap and I have friends there, I said, why not? I always wanted to visit Norway so why not start on the south?? You never heard about Stavanger before? Neither have I. 😀 And... Continue Reading →

Spain: Valencia – Las Fallas

If you want to see Valencia and enjoy the climax of the city, I would recommend visiting Valencia during Las Fallas. But first of all, what Las Fallas is?? Would I like it? And if so, when it is?! Las Fallas is a celebration which lasts almost one month. BUT the main event continues only... Continue Reading →


This city was my dream from childhood. To see in reality that place we learn about in History classes. I loved antics and all the stories about Greek Gods and Goddess. It was so fascinating!!! I planned to visit Greece for so long that I was over excited when I finally went there!! ❤ To... Continue Reading →

New York

The Big Apple, the city that never sleeps, the center of everything!!! The most beloved New York! I wished to visit the USA and New York is one of the cities on my must see list!! The dream came true!!! My "little dream" came true!! ❤ When I planned this trip I wanted to see... Continue Reading →


Even if it is between Spain and Morocco, Gibraltar is still part of Great Britain. So if you are planning a trip there (e.g. one day trip from Spain), you need to remember to exchange some Pounds. Gibraltar is small, beautiful city where you can find anything. The first thing that can surprise you after... Continue Reading →


Another breathtaking trip I did was a trip to Porto. I went to visit my friend who was there on Erasmus and got enchanted by this beautiful city. Firstly, if you travel from the Czech Republic like me, there is no direct flight with acceptable price. So I and my friend had to take flight... Continue Reading →


Milano is known as a fashion city. But it can offer much more than just fashion shows or shops and boutiques for shopping. I spend there two months. First of all, do not go to Milan during summer months. June and July are the hottest months and especially inside the city, it could be overwhelming.... Continue Reading →

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