Another place I have decided to visit! This time I went north to Norway, specifically Stavanger. And because flight ticket was cheap and I have friends there, I said, why not? I always wanted to visit Norway so why not start on the south??

You never heard about Stavanger before? Neither have I. 😀 And tbh it surprised me how beautiful (in its own way) the city is! Stavanger is not a big city, but it is a significant city! Now I am talking about oil and economic importance of Stavanger. But this city is not only about oil, nature there is beautiful!! Some of the top attractions there are Lysefjord, Sola beach or Preikestolen. Unfortunately, I haven´t seen any of them and the reason why was the weather. I went there at the end of summer, almost the beginning of autumn. Sad right? Well, I am taking it as a motivation to come back!! 🙂 So what I have done in Stavanger then? Believe me, I was quite busy those 4 days I was there.

I have arrived at the Stavanger airport, from where you can take a bus to the city. But be careful, you need to change once 🙂 I had the luxury and a friend came and picked me up so I didn´t have to worry about anything ❤ 🙂

In the centre of the city is a lake so basically, you will always somehow find a way back there and got your orientation back hahaha. 20171011_155719-0220171012_142307 In the town, there is also a Cathedral worth to visit 🙂 in nearby Marina you can see ships size of few stores houses.  It is a bit funny since houses in old Stavanger which are right next to Marina are quite small.

Besides those beautiful houses in the old part of Stavanger, I would like to point out the street art you can find everywhere. And tbh it is quite a piece!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ Just wandering around, getting lost and then find the way again is one of my favourite thing of travelling!


We walked around the city almost every day and one important thing I need to mention is Troll. Yes, Troll! 😀 Trolls are everywhere and it is a typical thing/person/figure of Norway. You can find them everywhere! And to be honest, they are ugly hahaha. The level of it is that high so you have no other choice than love them!!! This brings me to my habit of buying a Pandora charm from every country/place I have visited. I got my little troll from Norway and he will be with me from then till now!! 😉

First thing I have seen was Sverd i Fjel. My friend told me that she´s going to show me swords. Ok, I said, swords could be nice. But I did not expect what I saw!! I imagined small swards in the ground or on the wall or something like that. But what I saw, were three enormous (imagine like 10 meters) swords by the sea!! Really breathtaking!!! If you are watching the TV show, the Vikings that could be something for you 🙂 Three big bronze swords on the small rock are a reminder of the Battle of Hafrsfjord (872), when King Harald Fairhair who united all Norway under one crown. That time I was there I was lucky enough and it stopped raining for a while 🙂 and the Sun came out so I could enjoy this monument and of course took very lovely pictures 🙂

Another things that is Stavanger good for are trails. There are many options to take a one and discover the wild nature. Like we did. My friends took me to the trail to show me the Broken Chain. After my mistake with swords, no I have expected something bigger!! 🙂 And I was correct the Broken Chains again is a huge monument which remembers the tragic disaster with the Alexander Killand oil rig in 1980. It was the biggest accident in Norwegian Oil history, more than a hundred workers died. We were lucky and nobody was there, but apparently, there are usually lots of people and kids who climbing on the chains. Well, we climbed there too!! hahaha And we had so much fun!!! 🙂 ❤

And if you are lucky for the weather, or you will visit Norway during summer, you can enjoy a lovely picnic in nature. 🙂 We had our on Vaulen beach and it was top! We have walked there for a while, which was perfect because you will get hungry hahaha. On the way, we have met horses and get lost for a little bit. It was a perfect day out!!

If you love views from the top (of the hill, mountain, building), you have to see this one. The pic is only that good as was the weather and it was very windy and little bit rainy. But even then. it is worth it 🙂


I had an amazing time in Stavanger! I had no expectations and it turned to the best and I didn´t visit the main highlights! Which means only one thing. I will come back! But next time I will stay longer and I gonna add other places in Norway 🙂 The biggest thanks is to my friends 🙂 They took care of me and I had better service than in any hotel 😀 hahaha!!!

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