Thailand part 3 – island hopping

The second island during my island hopping was PhiPhi. This island is one of the most popular islands in Thailand! That means lots of tourists! Which is something I wanted to avoid, but whatever, it is on my list! LETS´S DO IT!


I arrived from the Koh Lanta by boat. after arrival, I had to pay a tax fee for entry, which is cool thinking of how many tourists are coming here and “destroying” nature. Well, then I needed to figure out how to get to my resort. Place of stay: Viking Nature Resort £21 – this was only for one night, so a bit expensive… Another interesting thing about this island is, that there are no cabs and traffic is mainly a boat base. This means, there was a guy with a boat waiting for me. Sweet!!

After checking in I found out the beauty of this resort! It is like staying in the jungle! This time I had my own crib, which was amazing, cute, beautiful!! I just wish I could stay there for more than one night. Anyway, I enjoyed it as much as I could! I went down for a massage, snorkeling a bit and had a yummy dinner! So, 100/10!!!


This morning I packed my stuff and check out. My adventure continued! another place on the list was a special trip to Maya Bay! If you´ve never heard about this bay, it is the place where the movie the Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio was shot. If you want to enjoy this with everything I would recommend Maya Bay Sleepaboard Resort £89. Yes, very expensive but the experience is priceless! I drop off my luggage in their office, keep only stuff I needed – swimsuit, snorkel, dress, water, GoPro.

Then I came back to the pier where I met others. The trip started with a visit to Maya Bay. We walked around, swam, chilled… Then we got back on the boat and cruised back to the see. Then we had some time for snorkeling, kayaking or just swimming. Amazing time!!! Then we got dinner, chicken curry, chicken drumsticks, and vegetable. By the time it was already dark and the second activity was to swim with the plankton!! Like in the movie (well, almost). Unfortunately, my GoPro wasn´t able to catch this beauty, but WOW!!

After that, we had some free time, for having a drink20180506_204622 and then we went to the beach to kick off the party!! Playing some games and chat a bit. Unfortunately, it started raining so we couldn´t enjoy it completely. We went back to the boat, a little bit wet and got ready to sleep. Some of us decided to sleep on the rooftop of the boat and some inside. I decide to sleep outside. Under the sky, watching stars and slowly falling asleep. During the night it started to rain again, so all of us from the top had to move inside. Which was like the hell! Way too hot to sleep and of course there is always a person who snores…


Well, after only a couple of hours of sleep the morning was here. We went back to Maya Bay to see the sunrise. But because of the weather, we didn´t see much. Well, only clouds. But even then it was amazing!! Incredibly blue sea and white sand! At least we had the beach only for ourselves. The photoshoot was ON! This was a wrap of our adventure. And of course one last picture together!

Maya Bay

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