Thailand part 4 – island hopping

The last island I have visited was Phuket. Another popular island in Thailand. But my time here was short and my plan kinda different.


After arrival from PhiPhi I was very tired, I slept during the transfer but still. Then it took time to get to my hostel (TheGaliness International Backpacker Hostel Phuket). Unfortunately, the Hostel was long closed down and didn´t bother to mention on their websites. Great surprise!!! Luckily next door was another hostel (Star Hostel Patong: THB 1000) with such a kind staff that I didn´t have any trouble to find other accommodation!

Because it was quite late, I rushed to the beach. Apparently here in Phuket, there are the most beautiful and breathtaking sunsets!! It was even better than I could imagine! The best view is from the Patong beach. It is hard to describe and even photo is not that good, but close enough!

Patong beach


For the second day and my last day, I planned to visit the elephant sanctuary. Everyone just keeps telling me “when you are in Thailand, you HAVE TO see an elephant!” I heard all of the stories about how elephants are treated for touristic purposes. I didn´t want to be part of this. So I have googled a bit and found a perfect way how to meet an elephant, give money for a good cause and enjoy the time! Sounds incredible right? But it is true!! I have booked a morning visit to the Green Elephant Sanctuary Park 2,500.00 THB.

Long story short: the number of elephants in Thailand is diminishing. For this reason, it is absolutely crucial to protect not only the wise giants but also their natural habitat. The main reason for this is the clearing of woods and forests, which often takes the lives of these fascinating animals. Committed to the protection of elephants by offering them a safe and protected life in the elephant sanctuary. If you want to know what they do in the park, visit their website you will find there all the information you´ll need!! Please pay attention to this issue and do not attend elephant rides…

In the sanctuary, you can play with elephants, feed them, have a mud bath together and after that clean shower. You will get to know how they live and how much they eat and what. It was the most amazing experience of my life!

The afternoon I have decided to explore the island a little bit. I was looking for some nice beach to hang out, preferably without people. So I decided to visit a Freedom Bech.

Freedom Beach

The way how o get there wasn´t the easiest one. I had to climb a couple of rocks, but at least it was not that full as Patong beach. The only problem then was how I will get back to the city. LOL!! Lucky for me, their fas a taxi boat which took us back. For the evening I had planned to meet German girls I met in Koh Lanta. We went to Bangala road. It was so crazy!! Music, ping pong shows, parties, drinks!! I guess you can find here anything you desire! Crazy Crazy Crazy!! 😀 Unfortunately I couldn´t stay long because the early morning I had a flight to my second adventure – > BALI.

GOOD TO KNOW: app for transport -> GRAB something like Uber.

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