Spain: Valencia – Las Fallas

If you want to see Valencia and enjoy the climax of the city, I would recommend visiting Valencia during Las Fallas. But first of all, what Las Fallas is?? Would I like it? And if so, when it is?!

Las Fallas is a celebration which lasts almost one month. BUT the main event continues only a few days. Each neighborhood is creating/building a Falla, which is a couple meters high statue. Usually, it represents some issues in the culture, politics, in the World, anything that is currently going on. The aim is to point out the problem or make fun of it. Those statues are made from polystyrene. Along these vast Fallas are small versions. Fallas infantile are created by children. Both of them are beautiful. I couldn´t tell which is better or worse. Local people usually can tell. Those Fallas are judged, and people vote for them. The winner gets money and prestige, which is in my opinion more important to them. In nowadays, there are some restrictions considering the costs of the creation of Falla. There was a problem in past that one neighborhood invests a lot of money and create an enormous and beautiful Falla, which won every year. Thus the others had no chance to compete…

Now, you all have this beautiful image of Fallas -> at the end of Las Fallas, they burn them!! Yes, big fire, big and black smoke, lots of music and cheering!! This is last night of Fallas. But first things first.

The climax of Fallas is definitely something you should do if you want to understand the Valencian culture and for a while being a part of it!! I would recommend you to book accommodation in advance because there are lots of tourists coming there!! Whether you will decide for Airbnb, hotel or hostel, do it in advance!! When I was in Valencia, I have stayed in a hostel called Center Valencia Youth Hostel, 20180316_152221and it was right in the center!!! This is always the best because you can walk everywhere around (save money and have some move), and because everything is close to you will not miss anything significant (during Las Fallas especially). The service in this hostel is fantastic, you have an available big common room with kitchen where you can cook and chill (if you have a time hahaha). I have booked a room for 4 people with own bathroom.

And now to the main program of Las Fallas… Be ready to hear petards everywhere. In the beginning, I was a little bit jumpy every time I heard it near me, but after while I got used to it 🙂 and it was part of the day!!

From 2 PM in Plaza del Ayuntamiento (every day) is held MASCLETA. It is an audio firework, very very noisy!! Once again, be ready for lots of people! But in my opinion, it is nothing special. It is mainly pyrotechnics and petards, no fireworks or anything. But it is an experience no doubt of it!! I was not very close when I was there, but I clearly could see a palm tree on fire hahaha, yes even that can happen.

FIREWORKS are every night at midnight or around one in the morning. The biggest once are NIT DE FOC, and it is really something. It is in Plaza del Ayuntamiento, and you should come earlier to get a perfect spot to see it. But once you are there and it starts… It is really beautiful and long. I would advise you to take glasses or at least scarf or hood because lots of waste is falling down and sometimes it can fall it into your eye, and it is not nice… Just watch and enjoy, it is beautiful!!!

OFFERING OF THE FLOWERS is another event/habit. This one is the most beautiful I have ever see. All day you will see girls in traditional dress walking around the city with playing musicians.20180316_191250

Enjoying and representing their neighborhood. It is important to realize, that Spanish people are strong believers and it is also projected in this part of Fallas. In Plaza de la Virgin is building a huge wooden statue of Saint Virgin Mary.

By the end of the day, those girls are coming to Plaza de la Virgin to offer flowers to Saint Virgin Mary. With those flowers then is made the statue. Well difficult to describe so see yourself on the picture 🙂 It is so beautiful, they play music, and everywhere you can smell flowers!!!

And let´s not forget that after fireworks there is a party!! And it is pretty much everywhere in the city. All you need to do is follow the music and find DJ and dance till the morning! 🙂 What surprised me, was music they played… I expected some Spanish rhythms or something like that, but nooo. Mostly they played reggaeton.

20180320_000018CREMA, the last part of Las Fallas. As I said at the beginning, the important part of Las Fallas is Crema. Time to burn all those beautiful statutes. Each neighborhood has its own crema and people usually gathered there. It supposed to start around midnight, but since there must be some safety precautions, some Fallas are burnt later. Then Fireman can have time to move and at least watch out or be near in case of the fire. I have waited almost an hour to see burning down Falla that was near my hostel. Tbh I was frozen, so when the crema started, I was quite happy to warm up a little bit 😀 hahaha

Even if I don´t understand this festival/holidays or whatever you want to call it, I will recommend everyone to go and see it. This is something that allows you to know the culture and tradition little more!! And this is the reason why we are all traveling isn´t it?! 🙂 ❤

I was in Valencia only for 5 days, so I have not much time to see other parts of the city, but the one thing I couldn´t miss out. I am talking about going to the beach, see the sea and enjoy the smell of it!! 🙂 Too much you think? But for me as a person from lock landed country this is always something. I just walk there and sat and observed the waves for at least two hours. And of course, I tried the temperature of the water hahaha. Very cold!! And with my luck one wave was a little bit bigger than I expected… hahaha Then I had to wait to get dry, but I didn´t mind because the view was soooo beautiful!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


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