Another breathtaking trip I did was a trip to Porto. I went to visit my friend who was there on Erasmus and got enchanted by this beautiful city. Firstly, if you travel from the Czech Republic like me, there is no direct flight with acceptable price. So I and my friend had to take flight... Continue Reading →


Milano is known as a fashion city. But it can offer much more than just fashion shows or shops and boutiques for shopping. I spend there two months. First of all, do not go to Milan during summer months. June and July are the hottest months and especially inside the city, it could be overwhelming.... Continue Reading →


Germans have not great reputation in the Czech Republic. Also, I was not the biggest fan of Germans. But after two months in Munich, I changed my mind and started thinking completely¬†differently! Most of you know Munich just because of its famous beer festival - Octoberfest. But Munich is not just about drinking beer. Munich... Continue Reading →

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