Thailand part 2 – island hopping

The second part of the trip was island hopping!! SO EXCITED!! After long planning, I decided on Krabi, Phi Phi, and Phuket. For each one, I plan something extra! 😀


The first island on my list was Krabi (Koh Lanta) – a place of stay: Lanta Cottage – ‎£ 23 Sala Dan, Ko Lanta District, Krabi 81150, Thailand. The arrival to Krabi was a bit complicated. Flight and everything were great, the trouble started when I found out that I booked a transfer from the airport to Lanta Cottage for another year 😀 (Andaman Thai Travel – include a ferry for 500 THB) BUT this wasn´t a problem! Thai people are very kind and after my desperate look I got help and some man called the agency and they send a driver. Also, he called Lanta Cottage to ensure that I am on my way!!! 10/10 stars for Thai people!!!!


The accommodation was very cheap and beautiful. I got my own room and shower and outside we had a pool, really nice! Right in the morning, I went for a walk to the beach. It was about 100m away. The beach was completely empty! later I got to know that it was like that because of the beginning of the raining season. “Good for me!” Right next to the path to my place was an amazing bar – The Indian bar. They have amazing drinks!! Soon enough you´ll feel like home!! This was the most chilled place!! So, I stayed there for the evening! ❤


This was my last day. I decided to discover the other side – restaurants along the main road. There were many of them! According to the foursquare app I decided for one to have lunch there. The most amazing food!! Spring rolls, pad thai and mango rice! OMG! ❤ After that I waltz (rolled) back to my room, changed and went back to the beach! This time was late afternoon and I had arrived just on time to watch the amazing sunset! Sitting there with mai tai, watching the sunset! Absolute PEACE!

If you need to relax a bit, this is the place to do!! Later on, it started to rain. So everyone went to hide under the bar´s roof. I met there two girls from  Germany. This is amazing about solo travels – you always meet someone! Their journey continued to Phuket where I supposed to arrive 3 days later. So we exchange numbers and agreed to meet there as well.



This is a wrap for me. In the morning I got a taxi to the port to get on the boat to another island ->Phi Phi!! 🙂 I purchased a ticket in advance: Saladan pier -> Tonsari pier.



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