This city was my dream from childhood. To see in reality that place we learn about in History classes. I loved antics and all the stories about Greek Gods and Goddess. It was so fascinating!!! I planned to visit Greece for so long that I was over excited when I finally went there!! ❤

To have friends around the World is such an advantage!! I have some friends who come from Athens. So planning was suddenly quite easy. This time I didn’t have to buy a guide to know where to go 🙂 And! I got to know places that are not in those books. This was more than awesome!! This was perfection!!! The only problem was that I had just three days in Athens, which meant little bit rush to see as much as possible. But I didn´t care, and I enjoyed it 10000%!!


We arrived on the afternoon, so by the time we checked in it was almost evening. The only thing we could do was walking around and see what is where. Our hotel was quite in the center, although it didn´t look like. Everything was shut and shady, I blame the financial crisis… So we walked and walked until we reached a Deanery University of Athens and right next to it was the Academy of Athens.21316097_10214286085768820_8439074860136469573_o Then we continued a little bit more and found a Hellenic Parliment house! 🙂 And what´s more, we were that lucky that we also saw the changing of the guards 🙂

We weren´t in the mood of walking more so we went down towards the old Plaka and Monastiraki where we found a restaurant (lots of restaurants) and finally got some of the amazeballs Greek specialties ❤ 21271016_10214286085728819_1746808234011502325_nFurthermore this place has a beautiful view for the Acropolis! From that moment I knew for sure, I am going to love it here! Not only for the city but mainly for the food!!! 😀 And this was just the beginning of our trip!

Day 1

Plan and have something to looking forward to!!! Or look forward to all day, because you already know it will be AWESOME!!! The first day was the D day!! YES, we went to Acropolis!!! ❤ But first of all, you need to get there! The public transport system is the easest way how to move in the city!! You can easily buy a ticket from machine!! (be careful there could sometimes be kids whose want you help! DO NOT LET THEM! They will steal your money instead!!) Once you get there, be ready that there can be a line, and if you are there in the summer it can be annoying to stay there!!! GET with you WATER, HAT, and GOOD MOOD!!! 🙂 and then it will be easy!!! If you are a student, you can get discount, which always is handy! If I am correct, our ticket includes the ancient Agora, theatre of Dionysos, Kerameikos, Roman Agora, Tower of the Winds and the Temple of Olympian Zeus. Great right?!

After you choose your preference what you want to see, you will go naturally up, to see the view and Parthenon. On the way up you will see Dionysus Theatre (according to Greek myths, Dionysus is a God of wine, grape harvest, theatre, and fun). Keep walking through Stoa of Eumenes Walkup, and then you will see it! Firstly the Propylaea and then the majestic Parthenon (a temple of Athena). 21316289_10214286096329084_8876959182972729276_oThen you realize that it is precisely how you imagine it!! Isn´t this awesome?! Have a walk around the Parthenon and admire the rest the Acropolis offer to you -> the view or the Old Temple of Athena which is also remarkable!! Pay attention to those ladies who have the role of pillars 🙂 The rest of the day wasn´t any special. We had lunch and walked around and bought some souvenirs. You can find everything either on the Monastiraki or the street Dionisiou Areopagitou; you can also have a walk, it is not that, far 🙂21272307_10214286086768845_3953270258051506497_n

Day 2

As the primary highlight (for me) was accomplished, we could just walk around the city and enjoy the atmosphere. We decided to go to the National Archeological Museum, because it was so hot outside 😀 but also because there are beautiful collections!! After that, we had a coffee in Little Kook, which is the cutest place I´ve ever seen!!

Did some shopping at Flea Market – Monastiraki and Plaka, I LOVE this area, it is noisy and walking in the small streets next to ancient stones as it is the antique market is terrific!! But if you want to shop, like clothes or shoes, you can find everything on Ermou street, which goes from Monastiraki (that far I went) towards the Hellenic Parliment house!


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