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Everyone knows DIY and everyone wants to try some of them, right? But there is never a time for it right? I am not an exception. I saw so many ideas and I had also few. And to be frank, some of them are pretty awesome!! DIY ideas can save you money and make things a little bit cool and cosy!! Of course, some of the posted DIY ideas on the internet are cheesy and lame then you have to be very careful which you will make. As I said before, DIY could be awesome, but also save money!! This is great when it comes to birthdays or Christmas.

But, wait a minute, where to look for DIY ideas? You can google it but there are also apps and websites. Yes, I am talking about the greatest place of inspiration -> PINTEREST!!! You can simply look there and search for things you want to make or improve 🙂 Isn´t it great?! And simple?!

I am gonna try some of Pinterest ideas so we can see if it is possible to make it and how it will look. Wish me luck because sometimes it can be complicated, right? 🙂



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