New York

The Big Apple, the city that never sleeps, the center of everything!!! The most beloved New York! I wished to visit the USA and New York is one of the cities on my must see list!! The dream came true!!! My “little dream” came true!! ❤ When I planned this trip I wanted to see all basic things that every tourist wants to visit. But furthermore, I wanted to see more! So I planned this trip slightly differently than the others.


Our accommodation was on the 42nd and 11th, so basically, 3 minutes from the Times Square! Amazing location!! From this place, we started every morning and discovered this amazing city!! This will be the first post about NY because there is much more to say and much more to share!!! ❤


Who wouldn’t t know famous Kevin McCallister? It is always so funny and I grow up with Home Alone movies. Home alone 2 is based in New York, so basically we went to see hotel Plaza, where Kevin in the movie lived.



Famous, Fabulous, Fantastic Sex and the City!! Fashion, relations, sex and life of four single women in New York. There are so many places that were on the TV show or in the movie. Some of them we managed to find and took a picture. Yes, I am talking about the place where Carrie was living. It is a building like everyone else, just got a little bit famous. Well, I was expecting people around taking pictures and so on, but it was quite opposite. There was nobody. It was inconspicuous building and we found it only because we knew what to look for. We met there one man who was walking his dog and who gave us a lecture how annoying it is to live in a building if tourists are coming and taking pictures. Well, we were there the only ones but ok, nevermind. He pointed that there is a box to collect money that would help animals. So we contributed, took one picture and continue walking. Another place that is in Sex and the City is undoubtedly the Central Park. The place where Carrie was walking with Mr. Big or where Sharlotte and Miranda were running etc.


Yes, of course, every (I guess every) girl was watching Gossip Girl. Similarly as the Sex and the City, also Gossip Girls is situated in New York. And I could visit three places that were displayed on this TV show. First was the MET steps. The place where Blair and her minions were having lunch. And we all know that nobody could sit higher than Queen B. hahaha 😀 We are near the MET, right? So, let’s visit another beautiful place. I am talking about the hall where Blair and Chuck almost got married. It is amazing how it really looks like on that TV show. Nothing more nothing less. And finally, the Chucks Empire. It is not that impressive as I expected. Another place is the Grand Central train station. It is so beautiful! I could just stand there and watch that rush around. And those who know Gossip Girl, also remember the first episode, where Serena is coming back from boarding school and the lonely boy is coming from holidays.


Another favorite TV Show!! We got lucky and found that bar. It was not McLarens but… Well, see yourself.


This TV show is immortal!!! Everyone knows it and everyone likes it!! Personally, I don´t know anyone who wouldn´t like it. The only thing people usually don´t realize is the fact, that most of the scenes were shot in ateliers. But if you watch it carefully, you find some places which are real!! I would point out three of them. Firstly, the exteriors of the house, then Bloomingdales where Rachel was working and last but not least Medison Square Garden, where boys spend time watching the game.

Apart from these places, there is much more to see in New York. From traditional touristic places to places that you discover only when you get lost. And believe me or not but it is very nice to get lost especially in China town. Then and only then you can find an amazing restaurant or interesting architecture!! ❤

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