Even if it is between Spain and Morocco, Gibraltar is still part of Great Britain. So if you are planning a trip there (e.g. one day trip from Spain), you need to remember to exchange some Pounds.

Gibraltar is small, beautiful city where you can find anything. The first thing that can surprise you after passport check is a small airport. Yes, this small place has its own airport and when the plane is landing or departing, the road is closed as it is crossing the runway for planes. Hard to believe but yes I saw plane departing and got scared that it will end up in the Ocean.

Gibraltar is made by one big mountain around which is the city situated. The city itself is surrounded by walls which had a protective function of the city in the past. From the top of the mountain is a really beautiful view of the city as well as a view of the Sea and Africa (Morocco). This place is called the Punta Europa. In Gibraltar as the closest place to Africa and Arabian world, you can find lots of different cultural places.

There is also a beautiful cave called San Miguel20160916_125935

You can rest there as it is a cool place for the warm summer days. The nature allowed to create a hall for concerts in these caves so there are concerts with spectacular atmosphere and sound.

Near this cave, there is a monkey reservation. This is the only place in Europe where monkeys are living widely in nature. As you can imagine monkeys are wild and can be annoying. You can feed them and take pictures. It is fun, they can surprise you and jump on your back, then you cannot panic very much hahaha 😀

The center of Gibraltar is very friendly, there are lots of shops and restaurants. Most of these shops are with touristic souvenirs. For that kinda small place, there is everything you can imagine.

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